Our Mission – Total Health Care

We are committed to each child’s total health care. Good Oral Health is an integral part of total health. To help children stay healthy, we often work with parents/guardians, health care professionals including family dentists, dental specialists, physicians, paediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists and many other medical specialists.


Our Philosophy – Positive Attitude Towards Dentistry

We believe that dentistry for children begins with an understanding of their potential apprehension as well as the parental anxiety. Anxiety and fear in young children and their parents will dictate their behavior; to a large extent will determine the success of the dental treatment.

In this regard, it is especially gratifying for my staff and I to play a vital role in helping children feel secure and calm during treatment as they overcome their dental anxieties.  By making these potentially traumatic experiences less frightening for both the children and parents, we hope that our involvement will eventually lead them to develop a lifelong positive attitude towards dentistry.